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Chemical Reactions

A chemical reaction is a process where a set of substances undergo a chemical change to form a different substance.

Where do chemical reactions occur?

You may think that chemical reactions only happen in science labs, but they are actually happening all the time in the everyday world. Every time you eat, your body uses chemical reactions to break down your food into energy. Other examples include metal rusting, wood burning, batteries producing electricity, and photosynthesis in plants.

What are reagents, reactants, and products?

Reactants and reagents are the substances that are used to bring about the chemical reaction. A reactant is any substance that is consumed or used up during the reaction.

The substance that is produced by a chemical reaction is called the product.

Reaction Rate

Not all chemical reactions occur at the same rate. Some happen very quickly like explosions, while others can take a long time, like metal rusting. The speed that the reactants turn into products is called the reaction rate.

The reaction rate can be changed by adding energy such as heat, sunlight, or electricity. Adding energy to a reaction can increase the reaction rate significantly. Also, increasing the concentration or pressure of the reactants can speed up the reaction rate.

Types of Reactions

There are many types of chemical reactions. Here are a few examples: Catalyst and Inhibitors

Sometimes a third substance is used in a chemical reaction to speed up or slow down the reaction. A catalyst helps to speed up the rate of reaction. Unlike other reagents in the reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction. An inhibitor is used to slow down the reaction.

Interesting Facts about Chemical Reactions

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