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Money and Finance

Personal Finance

Managing your money can be an important skill in life. A lot of people do well in their job and make a lot of money, but still end up broke. Learning how to stay on a budget, save money, and invest wisely can help you to stay financially secure through life.

Below we cover some subjects on the area of personal finance.

Filling out a Check
Managing a Checkbook
How to Save
Credit Cards
How a Mortgage Works
How Interest Works
Insurance Basics
Identity Theft

About Money

Money has been around for a long time. Today, there is all sorts of money from coins to credit cards to electronic bits on a computer. Learn about the different types of money, the history of money, and more in the subjects below.

History of Money
How Coins are Made
How Paper Money is Made
Counterfeit Money
United States Currency
World Currencies

Money Math

Below we walk through some of the basics of money math including from counting money to calculating interest on a loan.

Counting Money
Making Change
Basic Money Math
Money Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction
Money Word Problems: Multiplication and Addition
Money Word Problems: Interest and Percent


Economics covers the big picture of money. How it affects the country and the world. In the subjects below you will learn more about the economics of money and finance.

How Banks Work
How the Stock Market Works
Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand Examples
Economic Cycle
Adam Smith
How Taxes Work
Glossary and Terms

Fun Facts About Money and Finance

Money and Finance Crossword Puzzle
Money and Finance Word Search

Note: This information is not to be used for individual legal, tax, or investment advice. You should always contact a professional financial or tax advisor before making financial decisions.

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