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Geography Games

Welcome to Ducksters geography games. We cover a variety of world regions including continents and US states. Games including mapping games, crossword puzzles, word searches and more. We will be adding new games, so check back often.

Mapping Games

Identify the country, state. capital city, or flag. The more accurate you are, the higher score you will get.

World Countries World Capitals World Flags
United States Geography Crossword Puzzles

These crossword puzzles can be played online in active mode or you can get a printable version for use in the classroom (no ads). Geography Word Searches

Find all the geography terms for the region hidden inside the word search grid. There is an online version of the game where you can find words and get a high score. There are also printable versions available.

Geography Hangman

Pick your continent, then try to guess the word before the the hangman is drawn.
hangman game
Guess the Country

Practice your world geography knowledge with this guess the country game.
Country Game

Games >> Geography

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