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Ancient Africa

Glossary and Terms

Adobe - A mud brick material made from clay and straw used to make walls and homes in Ancient Africa.

Aksum Empire - An empire located in the Horn of Africa that ruled from 100 CE to 940 CE. It was also called Axum.

Arabs - A people group from the Middle East who invaded and conquered North Africa in the 700s CE.

Berber - The native peoples of North Africa.

Boers - Dutch and French settlers in South Africa.

Caravan - A group of traders typically traveling across the desert using camels.

Carthage - A powerful city-state in North Africa on coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It rivaled Rome between 650 and 146 BCE.

Caste - A group or division of peoples that defines social order and rank.

Chariot - A two-wheeled vehicle that is drawn by horse(s). It was usually used in warfare in northern Africa.

Continent - A large continuous expanse of land. Africa is one of the Earth's continents.

Fufu - The staple food of West Africa. It is made from yams.

Ghana Empire - Empire that ruled West Africa from 300 to 1100 CE.

Great Zimbabwe - Large city that ruled in Central Africa starting around 1200 CE.

Griot - A storyteller, musician, and historian in West Africa.

Hieroglyphics - A system of writing used by the Egyptians that used symbols and pictures.

Islam - A religion that believes in Allah and the teaching of the prophet Muhammad. It spread to North Africa in the 700s.

Ivory - A hard, white material formed from the tusks of animals such as elephants. It was used to make jewelry and other ornaments.

Kora - A stringed instrument similar to a harp that was played by the griots.

Kush - An ancient kingdom that ruled the land of the Sudan south of Egypt. It ruled from 1070 BCE to the 300s CE. It is also called Nubia.

Maghreb - The region of North Africa from Libya to Mauritania.

Mali Empire - Empire that ruled West Africa from 1235 CE to 1600 CE. Was founded by King Sundiata.

Mansa Musa - Emperor of the Mali Empire who made a famous pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He was one of the richest people in history.

Moors - The people of North Africa under Islam rule after 709 CE.

Muslim - A person who follows the religion of Islam.

Nomads - People that travel from place to place to find food and pasture for their livestock.

Nyama - A magical force in traditional African religion often thought to be used by artisans such as blacksmiths.

Pharaoh - The ruler or king of the Egyptians.

Pyramid - A monumental structure with four sides that meet at a point at the top. The Egyptians and the Kushites built pyramids generally as tombs for their pharaohs.

Rainforest - A dense forest found in areas of heavy rainfall. Some of central and western Africa is rainforest.

Sahel - Region between the Sahara Desert and the savanna grasslands.

Sahara Desert - Large desert in North Africa between the Mediterranean Sea and Central/West Africa.

Songhai Empire - Empire that ruled in West Africa from 1464 to 1591.

Swahili - An ethnic group in East Africa. Also, the language spoken by many East African nations including Kenya and Uganda.

Voortrekker - A member of the Boers who migrated from British territory in South Africa to the Boer Republics.

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