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Daily Life

Although we mostly hear about the vast riches of the kings of Ancient Africa, the daily life of the average person was much different. The commoners in Ancient Africa were typically very poor and had to work hard all their lives.

Typical Jobs
Types of Homes

Most people of Ancient Africa lived in thatched huts with walls made from clay and straw. Generally these huts were round and had a single room. The homes of royalty and the kings were often made of wood and stone.

What did they eat?

Depending on where in Africa people lived, they ate different foods. Each region had a major staple crop that formed the majority of their food. They would then supplement this crop with fish, meat, and vegetables that they were able to grow or hunt where they lived. Staple foods that were grown by farmers included wheat, yams, maize, and rice.

What did they wear?

Because it is so hot in Africa, the people of Ancient Africa didn't wear a lot of clothes. Most of the time, they went around naked. However, for special ceremonies and meetings, they would sometimes wear loincloths or tunics. As Islam became a more popular religion in Africa, people began to wear more clothing. Typical materials included animal skins, fur, cotton, and some regions even made clothing from the bark of trees.

The people of Ancient Africa also wore jewelry and makeup. Jewelry was made from different items depending on where the people lived including gold, seashells, feathers, and gemstones.

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