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Ice hockey is a sport played on an ice rink with ice skates. Players use hockey sticks to propel a flat hockey puck on the ice and into a goal. At the end of the allotted time, the team with the most goals wins the game.

Ice hockey is a very popular sport world wide. In the United States and Canada hockey is popular at both the college and professional level. Hockey is a very fast and exciting sport. Hockey players skate at very high speeds, running into each other with great force, but skating and controlling the puck with great dexterity. The combination of skill, speed, toughness, and action has made hockey a popular sport to watch as well as play.

Hockey players skating fast towards puck
Source: US Marine Corps

Brief History of Hockey

The basic concept of the game of hockey has been around for years, but the formation of modern hockey took place in Montreal, Canada in the late 1800's. Hockey quickly became hugely popular. Ice Hockey boasts the oldest trophy of all the big professional sports with the Stanley Cup that was first awarded in 1893. The Stanley Cup is still awarded to the champion of The National Hockey League (NHL) which was formed in 1917. Just a few years later, in 1920, Hockey became an Olympic sport.

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