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One of the great things about the sport of basketball is that you only need a hoop and a ball to play. This holds true for practice as well. As a matter of fact, you can work on your dribbling skills with just a ball and a place to dribble.

Dribbling Drills

Weak hand: Most players can dribble okay with their strong hand, but the great ball handlers can dribble with either hand. Try dribbling using only your weak hand. It won't be easy at first, but keep at it. Your weak hand will become stronger and soon you will be able to use it in a game. You can do this by just dribbling around and only using your weak hand.

Around the legs: Keep the ball low and dribble quickly around your legs and feet while standing still. You can even do a figure eight around both legs. Be sure to switch hands as you move to each side.

Cone drill: Set up cones (anything you can dribble around will work) in a line. Dribble between the cones switching hands with a strong cross-over dibble at each cone. Try dribbling fast on one pass and then keep the ball low on the next.

Speed drill: Work on dribbling at full speed. Dribble as fast as you can in one direction. Try to keep your head up and not look at the ball. Use your right hand in one direction and then your left on the way back. Time yourself to see if you are improving.

Shooting Drills

Moving on out: Start around 5 feet from the basket. Take shots until you make 4 in a row (you can change this to 3 or 5 depending on your skill level). Once you have made 4 in a row, take a step back. Keep doing this until you reach the free throw line. Now do the same drill from an angle on each side of the basket. Make shots by banking the ball.

Four Points: Play this game to 4 points from different areas on the court. Pick a spot, but start out fairly close to the basket. For each shot you swish you get 1 point. For each you miss you lose 1 point. For shots made that aren't swishes, you get no points. If it's too hard or easy, you can change the point systems slightly (only subtract 1/2 point for each miss) or change where you are shooting from. Try this from different areas on the court and see how far away you can play and still win.

Free Throws: See how many you can make out of 20 shots. Keep trying this and see how you improve over time. Work on your follow through and concentration.

Shoot and rebound: Shoot the ball from one side of the basket. Then grab the rebound and shoot from the other. Repeat this over until you've made 20 shots. See how fast you can do this. Practice grabbing the rebound with authority.

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