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Dentist Jokes

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Q: What did one tooth say to the other tooth?
A: Thar's gold in them fills!

Q: What did the judge say to the dentist?
A: Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth?

Q: Why did the tree go to the dentist?
A: To get a root canal.

Q: Why did the king go to the dentist?
A: To get his teeth crowned!

Q: What time do you go to the dentist?
A: Tooth-Hurty!

Q: What does a dentist do during an earthquake?
A: She braces herself!

Q: What did the tooth say to the dentist as she was leaving?
A: Fill me in when you get back

Q: What is a dentist's favorite animal?
A: A molar bear!

Q: Has your tooth stopped hurting yet?
A: I don't know, the dentist kept it.

Q: What did the dentist get for an award?
A: A little plaque

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