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May Day

Children running around May Day Pole
Source: Library of Congress
What does May Day celebrate?

May Day is a festival that celebrates the arrival of Spring.

When is May Day celebrated?

May 1st

Who celebrates this day?

This day is celebrated throughout the world. In many countries it is a major holiday such as the United Kingdom, India, Romania, Sweden, and Norway. In many countries the day is celebrated as Labor Day.

What do people do to celebrate?

Celebrations differ around the world. There are many traditions for day. Here are a few:
History of May Day

May Day has changed throughout history. In Greek and Roman times it was a day to celebrate spring and specifically the goddesses over spring. In early Gaelic times as well as in pre-Christian times in Scandinavia, May Day was also a day to celebrate the coming of Spring. When Christianity came to Europe and England, May Day became intertwined with Easter and other Christian celebrations.

In the 1900s May Day became a day to celebrate labor in many communist and socialist countries. They would celebrate the worker as well as the armed forces on this day. Later the day would become a Labor Day in many countries throughout the world.

Fun Facts About May Day
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