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Ancient Mesopotamia

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  1. The first people to form a civilization
  2. Place where they loan books. Also, where many clay tablets were found in the city of Nineveh.
  3. City where the Babylonians lived
  4. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took these people captive for 70 years
  5. ___ the Great was the first king of the Persian Empire
  6. The ___ and the Euphrates were two rivers that formed the boundaries of Mesopotamia
  7. A temple located at the center of each city. It looked like a step pyramid.
  8. The main god of the Assyrians
  9. Famous early literature was called the Epic Tale of ______
  10. The Sumer were the first to do this on clay tablets
  11. Name for the "land between two rivers". Starts with an "M".
  12. The ___ of Hammurabi
  13. Mesoptamian astronomers used the phases of the moon to come up with a 12 month version of this
  14. Ziggurats were similar to the early step versions of these built by the Egyptians
  15. Country where most of Mesopotamia is located


  1. The main god of the Babylonians
  2. The lowest class of people in Mesopotamia
  3. Assyrian goddess of love and war
  4. Ziggurats were built at this location in the city
  5. This empire was known for its fierce warriors
  6. Ancient wonder of the world in the city of Babylon
  7. Their homes were made from sun-dried ____
  8. Sargon the Great ruled this first empire of Mesopotamia
  9. Means "wedge-shaped". An early type of writing.
  10. Metal used to make tools and weapons stronger
  11. The Persians followed the teachings of this prophet
  12. Alexander the ___ conquered the Persians
  13. Round thing first used by the Sumerians on vehicles
  14. Friend of Gilgamesh who dies in the story
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