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Biology - Genetics

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  1. Humans have 23 pairs
  2. If a gene is not dominant, it is ____
  3. The study of heredity
  4. Deoxyribonucleic acid
  5. Gregor ____, the "Father" of genetics
  6. Organelle in the cell that makes proteins
  7. DNA shape, ____ helix
  8. Unit of heredity that determines the traits we inherit
  9. Blank DNA
  10. Use a Punnet ____ to write out a pattern of inheritance


  1. Number of types of nucleotides
  2. The "p" and "q" of chromosomes
  3. When certain traits are passed from parents to children
  4. Males = XY, ____ = XX
  5. Cells get these from DNA, Directions
  6. Amino ___ make up proteins
  7. Steps in making a protein; transcription and ____
  8. A specific pattern in a gene
  9. Three "letters" of DNA
  10. Part of the cell where chromosomes are found
  11. Where we get our genes
  12. Made from long chains of amino acids

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