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Environmental Science

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  1. _____ warming
  2. Air pollution can cause lung ____
  3. Cars, fires, volcanoes, and power plants all cause this kind of pollution
  4. These can die from too much water pollution
  5. The ozone layer protects us from this
  6. These cause pollution
  7. Turning trash into new products
  8. This clear material can be recycled over and over again
  9. Plants produce this gas as part of the ____ cycle
  10. Energy that can be replenished; windmills, solar power
  11. We get ____ power from the Sun
  12. Around 1% of the Earth's water is this


  1. Carbon _____ is how much carbon dioxide you produce in your daily life
  2. Sewage, pesticides, floods, and factories produce this kind of pollution
  3. Mining, farming, and factories all produce this kind of pollution
  4. The average weather measurements over a long period of time
  5. Air pollution from sulfur dioxide can lead to Acid ____
  6. Too much sun can cause sunburn and ____ cancer
  7. Burning ____ fuels is a major source of air pollution
  8. Methane gas and CFCs can destroy the ____ layer
  9. Around 1 billion people don't have this kind of drinking water
  10. Place where air pollution occurs
  11. Place where garbage is dumped
  12. The Air _____ Index gives a color based on how bad the air pollution is

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