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  1. Solid state of water
  2. A pure substance made from a single type of atom
  3. Negatively charged particle
  4. These particles are positive
  5. Phases, solid, liquid, and gas
  6. Electrons orbit within these layers, Egg ___
  7. Metals conduct heat and ____ well
  8. Elements are listed on the _____ Table
  9. The basic building block of all matter
  10. The center of the atom
  11. A chemical with a pH between 0 and 7
  12. ____ gases, helium, argon, neon, krypton, radon, xenon
  13. Inhibitors ___ down chemical reactions


  1. Iron, gold, silver
  2. Isotopes of the same element have a different number of these
  3. Covalent ___ share electrons
  4. A mixture where one substance dissolves in the other
  5. Number of protons in an element is the atomic ____
  6. When a solid turns into a liquid
  7. Freezing is when a liquid turns into a ____
  8. The components of mixture can be easily ____
  9. Element in compounds studied by organic chemistry
  10. When different elements join together they form these
  11. A ____ reaction is when a set of substances undergo a chemical change and form a different substance
  12. H2O
  13. A metal that combines two or more elements such as bronze or steel
  14. Catalysts help to ___ up chemical reactions

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